We keep your business flowing

Our expertise and experience in designing, planning and managing warehouse and distribution processes is focused on the optimisation of our customers’ supply chains and the subsequent reduction of logistics costs. We co-ordinate all activities within the distribution processes from end-to-end. With a full array of warehouse services coupled with customised storage programmes and fully automated warehouse management systems, we are able to provide individually tailored logistics solutions. We have short-term and permanent capacity for all storage types ranging from high-base storage, bulky and oversized goods storage to air-conditioned and dangerous goods facilities.

Inventory Management

We monitor your inventory, taking account of stock levels and stock ageing so that you can reduce storage and insurance cost, lower taxes and tied-up capital, and maximise your profits.

Supply Chain Management

Our integrated supply chain solutions are customised to meet your logistics requirements and optimise your logistics processes along the entire value-added chain.

We manage all processes within the supply chain from the vendor to the end customer, providing total control and visibility from order process to delivery. We secure your material flow and accelerate through-put times.

Supplier Management

Gaining control and visibility of your global suppliers is of paramount importance. This will ensure a smooth material flow. At Asha international, we bridge time zones, cultures, distance and language to help create a seamless supply chain right from the start.

With our supplier management systems in place, we ensure a reliable and efficient supply process and a continuous logistics flow. We work with your suppliers at source to prevent shortages and delivery delays. This helps to foster connectivity with your suppliers, enabling shorter lead times, higher quality and more reliable fulfilment.

Packing Management

Optimised packing procedures ultimately lead to significant savings in packaging material, warehousing and freight costs. This, in turn, greatly reduces carbon emissions, waste and risk of damage. We analyse your cargo, packing and logistics processes on site to identify cost drivers, risk potentials and environmentally critical practices.

Hazardous Goods Storage and Handling

We provide fully licensed storage facilities for hazardous goods, making sure that your goods are safely stored and handled. With dedicated staff specially trained to handle such goods, we offer:

Waste Management & Remanufacturing

We offer intelligent waste management and remanufacturing solutions with the objective of protecting the environment by the rational use of naturalresources. To minimise waste, we optimise packaging by reusing packaging materials as well as supplying used packaging to the recycling andwaste industry for use as secondary raw material.

Return Logistics

Utilising your existing logistics set-up, we integrate a reverse logistic operation for you to manage the return of faulty parts, replacement parts, and warranty returns and repairs.

Bonded Warehouse

We provide fully authorised bonded warehouse facilities worldwide for storage of your dutiable goods.

3 PL Scheme

Being one of the few logistics providers licensed by the Singapore government to conduct business under the Approved 3 PL Scheme, we can help you to achieve tax benefits for your import goods and tax exemptions for your re-export shipments.